Bringing Beauty And Harmony To Our Surroundings

Fireseed Arts is a creative enterprise founded as an incubator for profitable, sustainable, environmental art projects and businesses. We are artists, entrepreneurs and musicians with a passion for preserving and protecting our cultural and environmental heritage.

Fireseed Artists re-claim, re-purpose, and transform locally harvested “trash” into higher value objects of beauty and contemplation. We have a studio at a local transfer station turning what many would call “junk” into lasting works of art to be enjoyed by the community.

A Community Approach

We create our art from the discarded materials of our industrial landscape: our homes, businesses and corporations, transforming discarded and unwanted waste and scrap materials into works of art.

Someone once said that the essence of creativity is the ability to make something from what you have. This notion stuck with us and encouraged us to look for ways to use the by-products of our own personal consumption in the execution of our art.