Get Involved!


Artists of all kinds—painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, dancers—are invited to join us in a dialogue on Art and the Environment. Artists are the engine by which Fireseed runs, their unique voices create the vision for Fireseed Arts’ mission.

Accomplished artists in their own right, we are proud to be working with them and we are very grateful for their participation.

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Entrepreneurs are artists. They continually surprise us with their ability to recognize a need within their communities and create a plan to address it. We invite entrepreneurs to join us to identify and find solutions to some of our most challenging cultural and environmental issues. Fireseed Arts is enriched by their insights, energy and creative thinking.

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Let’s Work Together!

Our work fuels the regional creative economy, and promotes and sustains that which feeds our bodies, minds and hearts. We work with organizations to increase communication and creative thinking through innovative programs and workshops. From creating original “custom carbon artworks” using one’s own recyclables, to creative workshops utilizing repurposed materials, to producing environmentally themed festivals and events, Fireseed Arts is continually innovating. Let us hear from you and how we can work together.

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