MAS is a membership based collective movement to help ensure independent musicians, artists, and farmers will be around for the next generation.

We’ve lost 93% of our food seed diversity over the past 100 years. Working musicians are not paid their worth (when were they ever) and artists work two jobs to support their need to create. Fireseed Arts has taken the route of creating our own infrastructure called MAS: ‪Music · Art · Seeds‬‬‬, a collaboration with musicians, artists, and sustainable farmers to create a community of vital creators that support each other and create with integrity.


Current Music Art Seeds Project Goals:

To partner with non-profits, businesses and social enterprises to:

1) Increase the number of artists, farmers and musicians working and producing in our communities

2) To support the vitality of our communities by providing ongoing funds for infrastructure and operating costs to like-minded organizations.

Interested in working with Music Art Seeds, Contact us now.