Fireseed Arts is transforming landfills into Art Resource Centers and community spaces for renewable energy and food gardens.

ARC (Art Resource Center) Zero-Waste Landfills

Fireseed Arts has an innovative pilot program in partnership with a municipal landfill and transfer station in Wayland, Massachusetts, creating a multidiscipline and multicultural program to explore the waste-to-consumption cycle. Our one-of-a-kind Artist-In-Residency program engages artists of diverse backgrounds to come to the transfer station to create art from what they find, using “locally harvested trash”. In the process the art takes us to new places, we learn more about our own consumption and the value of materials.

Current Eco-Art Lab Project Goals:
To partner with non-profits, businesses and social enterprises to:

1) To achieve a balance between materials and opportunity. We project a dozen or more artists could be employed working directly with the discarded and unwanted materials coming into the landfill to create outstanding art, instruments, furniture and repairing items that otherwise would have no future.

2) To further this goal looking to connect with additional businesses looking to seed change and fulfill their commitment to community building and engagement.

3) To expand the number of landfills embracing ARC (Landfills as Art Resource Centers). If interested let us hear from you and we can help set up a program at your business or recycling center.