Demolition lumber and discarded wood repurposed into exquisitely beautiful guitars, cool instruments, sculptures, and artwork is at the heart of the No Wood Left Behind project (NWLB).


Reverence For Wood

No Wood Left Behind is a Fireseed Arts Environmental Art program to preserve one of our finest natural resources. It takes a lifetime or more for trees to grow into mature wood. So versatile, wood can be used over and beyond it’s original and intended purpose. It is tragic waste to see any of it in a landfill.

We work with local contractors, junk removers, and anyone cleaning out a garage or shed. We connect the discarded wood with Fireseed artists, artisans and musicians. We transform the wood that has “outlived its usefulness” and make beautiful things and beautiful stories.

Project Goals:

To partner with non-profits, businesses and social enterprises to:

1) Increase the number of artists, artisans and makers of all kinds and connect them with a wonderful resource of unique and old growth wood.

2) We have a unique cooperative program for businesses interested in seeding change and looking to connect.

3) Develop and continue building one-of-a-kind repurposed and rescue guitars.

Interested in working or partnering with the our No Wood Left Behind Project? Contact us now.